All summer 2015

 Description :

First day : Appointment from 17h00 to 19h00 at the rural house. Presentation of the group and the program. Dinner at 20h30 and meditation before going to sleep.

Program who can be modified according to the rhythm of the group and the hopes of everyone :

8h00 : Hatha Yoga (Asanas : postures)

9h00 : Hatha Yoga (Pranayama : breathing)

9h30 : Breakfast

10h30 : Conscient walking, Raja Yoga (meditation), Picnic

                                                                  15h30 : Hotsprings, visit of the village

.                                                                 17h00 : Hatha Yoga (Asanas and Pranayama)

                                                                18h-18h30 : Yoga Nidra (Pratyahara : relaxation)

                                                                20h00 : Dinner

End of the practice at 18h30.

The activities are suitable for everyone, as well as the novice as the experienced yogi and as well as the sedentary person as the athlete. While maintaining a degree of progressivity, we will experiment a wide range of postures and breathings. All of this, in a natural environment of great beauty.

The objective is to take some time for itself, to connect to itself and our environment, to live mindfully, to exist.

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